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Today's dose of automotive fun...

From Claude Lelouch, creator of the 'cult' video C'etait un Rendezvous [Youtube link], I give you one you probably won't have seen before:

Un homme et une femme, 20 ans déjà [Dailymotion link - also flash video]. Some of the finest car "chase" action I've seen, but none can compete with the chase in Ronin [Youtube link]. Fast forward it to 4:00 if you want to see the really heart-stopping part.


Oct. 10th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Not exactly a Fun Way To Die, since it looks pretty well constructed, but...

Sometimes I think genius is wasted. Or perhaps not.
I give you the lovechild of a Subaru and a VW Beetle. Bonus points for using two different flat-four engined cars...

Image below cut )
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I feel a bit like Boingboing, but this is a pretty neat awesome steampunk good set of photos. A sort of cross between pinup and roadkill. Any volunteers for a more British Leyland remake? ;-)

[flickr link]
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Today, I went to the inaugural Cowley Classic Car Show, an event organised by the local Rotary club emphasizing cars built in or near Oxford. Quite a respectable turnout for its first year - supposedly around 170 cars. Paddy Hopkirk of Mini Cooper rally driving fame also turned up.

Why yes, I took quite a few photos.


Aug. 7th, 2008 01:56 pm
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Andrea Pininfarina, CEO/Chairman of the Pininfarina design house has died in a Vespa accident.

Pininfarina as a company is responsible for a sizeable number of the world's prettiest cars, and his death comes during a major corporate restructuring. I hope that, despite this sad news, they keep on making pretty designs for a long time.

This is the nearest I have to a Pininfarina-designed car:
Image below cut )

MG were unable to get the proportions right for the GT version of their open-top tourer. Pininfarina adjusted the height of the windscreen and some other details and the result is, IMO, a very pretty shape.
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... because she owns one too!

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Today, [ profile] ms_saffie and I went to MGFest 2008 at the Heritage Motor Centre Gaydon. My MGB was one of only 8 non-MGFs there. Nice to feel special. ;-)

We started out with a road run from the Dog House near Abingdon - the MG factory's local pub - and headed down to Gaydon via a scenic set of country roads.

Amusing highlights include firstly the reverse steering competition. I didn't twig until I actually tried to steer the red MGF round the course quite what "reverse steering" meant. I turned the wheel moderately left, and ploughed off course to the right. Whoops!

Once I'd got the hang of it, it was quite fun - requiring a large dollop of concentration. Don't think I did too well, though - 5 penalty points for slamming on the brakes when I realised what was wrong with the car, and a few cones touched.

The second thing I tried my hand at was the "loudest exhaust" competition. They encouraged any of the 8 MGBs to come forwards, so I felt I had to represent my 'team'. I don't think the organisers were quite expecting what happened - my exhaust not only melted the spoffle on the decibel meter, but also lightly toasted the measuring man's gloved hand, and covered the meter in soot. Whoopsy. All taken in fun and sarcastic comments, though. :-)

Slight downside to the day was as I drove my MG out of the garage. You know those car radios with removable fronts? Well, turns out my removable front was left in the path of my MG's wheel. Crunch. Can anyone recommend a good modern radio with a slightly retro look? The car already has its original radio in the original position, but I hide another modern radio under the dash on the passenger side.
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I've been a little busy with the MG this evening. Having discovered that it is eligible for white/black plates because it was built in Oct 1972 - even though it was first registered on 1st Jan 1973, the rules say "constructed before 01/01/1973." So...

(Click for bigger)

(Click for bigger)

Complete set

What do you think? An improvement? Prefer yellow?
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Every year, the MGOC organises an event at the Cotswold Wildlife park. A good excuse for a mosey around to look at the animals, a quick one-hour runout, and then home.

Last year, there were baby meerkats. This year, they had grown up a little, but were still cute:

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Well, that was quite a fun day out. Briefly, 'Drive It Day' is a series of events organised round the country on April 20th. All you have to do is drive your classic on that day. It coincided with St George's day, hence the flags on the cars.

We met up in the car park of Miele in Abingdon, and then went on a 40-odd mile run in the area, ending up at the Dog House pub in Frilford.

There, I was fortunate enough to meet Don Hayter. Among other projects, Don was the chief design engineer on an obscure sports car called the MGB. What could I say, but "Thank you for the car"? He said that he regarded his cars like plants - he'd sown the seeds, and now he gets to see what they've grown into. The Dog House was the MG team's local, and they'd bring suppliers from Smiths' Instruments etc here for lunch.

A little chat with John who was next to me at lunch who happened to be a pro photographer, and he produced the result you see here. That's my car in the background. :-)

With this, and Tom (coworker)'s gig last night, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!
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Another fun way to die!

Lada Niva, driving around the floor of a lake.

Video on Youtube.
Autoblog photogallery
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I'm bored, it's Friday, have a poll.

Piccies below cut; SFW )

ETA: the poll is about the relative merits of the wheel types, not my in-a-hurry photoshop skillz. ;-)
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Yesterday, I went to the Auto Italia event at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon with my dad.

This included an outing onto the test track used by Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover. While the whole track is around 30 miles (!), we were on a section that was quite a bit shorter, for three laps. Quite a different experience from going on the Hockenheimring. While the Hockenheimring has lots of exciting twists and loops, the Gaydon track has long sweeping banked corners - which are still fun to take at speed, but sadly don't look as exciting in the video. We were started out at an average pace by the pace car, and as we were so well behaved, speeds crept up over 110mph (again, hard to tell from the video ;-) ).

Then, after the track outing, we wandered round the assembled Italian cars, and the Heritage museum.

Photo highlights:
Links below cut )

The whole set resides here, and there is also the video of my track run [93MB MPEG-1, so probably only for the masochistic or very bored].
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In a helicopter crash. I continue to be amazed at how McRae and other WRC drivers can drive that fast on tiny country lanes.
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On Sunday, [ profile] saffie1981 and I went to the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon, as per my last post. I'd never been to a car factory before, and it was a fascinating experience. The lines were stopped, but all the cars were in place, part-built. The tour route had been organised so you followed the production lines, and could see things being assembled in order. Then, in a neat convergence, the fully-assembled powertrain line merges with the body line, with either convertible or coupe bodies being dropped onto the powertrains as they came in. The trays of many many different nuts, bolts, bits and bobs were bewildering.
Then, in a degree of precision I'd not expected from a hand-built car, there was a room where the bodies get measured in hundreds of different places to make sure they were correct.
Finally, as shown in the picture in my previous post, I got to sit in the driving seat of an Aston for the first time. The cockpit was more... 'snug'... than I had been expecting - I had thought it would be expansive and intimidatingly large, when in fact it felt very much like I would want it to. The seats, of course, leather and very very comfortable. Sadly no key in the ignition. ;-)

Now I just need to wangle a way to drive one...

I took some photos. Because I'm currently vacillating between linking to them on my website and Flickr, you can have both:

Photos on Photonhunter
Photos on Flickr
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Today, I traded in my Alfa for something a little shinier:

Arts new wheels

I wish.

The wonderful [ profile] saffie1981 managed to obtain some tickets to the Aston Martin factory open day today. It was utterly fascinating from start to finish. Of course, I took photos - but I will process and upload them tomorrow.

And, at the end of the month, I'm going back to Gaydon to the Auto Italia event - including a track ticket for the Alfa. Brrm brrm!
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This weekend, I went to my Granny's 100th birthday party in Norfolk. Marquee, loads of family & friends, food, drink, and sunshine. Perfect.

I'm sure not all of my readers will want to look at the photos of the event, so you can look at some new shiny MG pictures instead ;-). In particular, the very lovely speaker cabinet custom-trimmed to match the existing carpet by [ profile] saffie1981's dad.


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