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Today marks nearly 1 year, or 2800 km since I bought the Enfield. 2500km was the point where the final running-in-period service was due, so I took today off and rode down to F2 Motorcycles (where I bought it last year). Handed it over at 10am, and took the bus to Banbury, where [ profile] saffie1981 drove up to meet me for a day's lazing around in Banbury.

At 4pm, it was time to pick up the bike, so we drove back and [ profile] saffie1981 headed off back to Oxford. Dave of F2 said of the bike that it was "running very sweetly." I said "So I didn't screw up the running-in, then?"
"Quite the opposite!"


And he's right. When the bike is idling, you could set your watch by the regular thump-thump-thump.

So now the running-in period is over, and the world is my oyster - or at least, the bits of it that I can reach at ~65mph.

Brrm brrm!
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Went out for a pootle on the Enfield today - which is still as fun as ever, though I am longing for the day that running-in is over and I can ride it properly rather than gingerly. I'm at 450km, though, so only 50km until my halfway-through-running-in service.

I went out to have a quick look at the airshow that's on in Abingdon this weekend. While I'm not much of a plane aficionado (though I reckon I recognise an F-14 and AWACS in there ;-)), it was impressive nonetheless.

I took some photos. Particularly pleased with the explosion, though it was more luck than skill ;-)
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Watch and learn, as Art fails to start his new $shiny first go [MPEG-1, 6.9MB]. I will stop boring you all with stuff pertaining to shiny-new-bike soon, promise.

Well, maybe.
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It brightened up a bit after getting the bike back home from the dealer, so I just went out for a bit of a ride. It really does ride beautifully, although it's hard to keep within the constraints of the running-in when you want to have fun.

Then, 5 minutes before I got home, a torrential downpour started. Grump.
Speaking of being drenched, many thanks to [ profile] frodomorris for taking me to pick up the bike, and getting soaked in the process.

More photos now up in the previous location, this time looking a little shinier and drier.


May. 12th, 2007 01:15 pm
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Bike bike bike.



It needs to be babied for the first 500km, then gradually worked up to normal operating. So no going over 40mph or 1/4-1/2 throttle for me just yet...

Shame about the weather, I hope it clears up for the MG run to Brighton tomorrow.


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