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[Embedded Youtube Flash - also here]

(Kids' toy electric cars modified to take a petrol engine)
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"Wait, aren't there *two* starter motor noises.... HOLY CRAP!"

This is one of the scariest engine swaps I've ever seen:

Twin-VR6 VW Lupo

The noise the thing makes is something else. Then he presses the accelerator and the car... vanishes.
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*This* is how you drive in snow:

Travis Pastrana[1] in the Sno*Drift rally in Michigan. (Embedded flash video in the linked page)

[1] Travis Pastrana of tricycle backflip fame [Youtube]
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From the same people as the beer crate:

Sessel on Tour.

Bonus feature (from the files of 'could have sworn I posted this as a FWTD but appear not to have done'):

Petrol-powered wheelchair.

[All Youtube links]
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Probably the ultimate fun way to die: setting the land speed record.

Courtesy of the Oxford Classic Motor Club, I went to an interesting talk tonight by Richard Noble, the man behind Thrust SSC, the jet-powered car which still holds the land speed record, set in 1997.

They now want to go one better, with Bloodhound SSC. This new car aims to break 1000mph, which will simultaneously break the land speed record and the low-level aircraft speed record.

It will outrun the bullet from a .357 Magnum.

It has two motors: a 12ft rocket motor, and a jet engine from the Eurofighter.

Make that three motors. The fuel pump for its rocket motor is an 800BHP V12 racing car engine.

It will develop in the region of 135 thousand BHP.

Mental. I really hope they succeed, in 2011. Plus, they are making a real effort to use the project to get children and students interested in maths, science and engineering.
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Another fun way to die:

Roof skiing on a Jaguar XJS at 130mph. It seems he was practicing for speed skiing, but couldn't afford to get to a slope.
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So apparently you can do stoppies in a Smart Fortwo. OK, so it has a Hayabusa engine and probably some scary brake mods. But I want one!
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Crazy Czechs Build Tatra V8-Powered Trabant Drift Car, Will Sell It To You!

Not quite mad enough to qualify for FWTD, you say?
It has *five pedals*!

My Royal Enfield dealer drives a Trabant as his daily driver (i.e. when something won't fit in the sidecar). I occasionally get tempted. If only I had the room...
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Not just a fun way to die but also... balls of steel. Just wow.

With less than a mile left in a stage of the Ralley de Serrians in France, the throttle cable in our hero's Renault finally gives up the ghost. Does he give up? No! Does the team try to push their way to the finish? Hell no! The driver tells his co-pilot to man the wheel while he hops into the engine bay, pulls the hood over himself and then manually controls the throttle cable bracket to a heroic finish. The picture above speaks for itself, but the video after the jump tells the whole tale.

Link to Autoblog post
Edit: more photos here.
Love their horn, too (see Flash video embedded in the linked page).
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One of the best Fun Ways To Die yet:

DIY Wall of Death, made from 850 wooden pallets and some plywood.

1. Build process

2. And the Trial Run

(Yanked from [ profile] uk_bikers)


Oct. 10th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Not exactly a Fun Way To Die, since it looks pretty well constructed, but...

Sometimes I think genius is wasted. Or perhaps not.
I give you the lovechild of a Subaru and a VW Beetle. Bonus points for using two different flat-four engined cars...

Image below cut )
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Sadly there's no video to go with this one, but I think it qualifies as a fun way to die:

Six wheeled 180BHP Yamaha R1-powered kart. Seller says "I do not suggest anyone ride this kart"...

Rally ho!

Jun. 11th, 2008 10:06 pm
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Another fun way to die:

Peugeot 405 rally car doing a run up Pikes Peak. Stunning driving, sheer drops, good views. What's not to like?

One of these days I'd like a go at rally driving. I think these rally 'experience days' aren't ludicrously expensive. Anyone know if they're any good?

Then again, I want a track driving session, too. And a pony.
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After an utterly fabulous weekend which included a coworker's leaving do, some automotive fun with [ profile] p_a_r_a and [ profile] antinomy, [ profile] j4 & [ profile] addedentry's birthday party, and the MGOC Regency Run from Brooklands to Brighton as well as a smattering of motorcycling and sitting in pub gardens...

I bring you Fun Ways to Die, 1910 edition:

Auto Polo!

[via Nothing to do with Arbroath]
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Another fun way to die...

Ariel Atom 500. Like the original Atom, only with a supercharged V8. 1000BHP/tonne, or *twice* that of the Bugatti Veyron.
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A Smart car. You know, I don't think it has the original engine[1]
And again, pitted against a Ferrari 430.

[1] Suzuki Hayabusa engine, actually...
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Today in Fun Ways to Die:

A man riding a motorcycle. (needs flash, SFW)

The observant may spot that he is riding a Royal Enfield Bullet like mine. No, I have no immediate plans to replicate it...
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I was sure I'd posted this as a fun way to die before, but it seems not. So, for posterity - the motorized beer crate. Wait for the overtake...

Youtube link
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Another fun way to die!

Lada Niva, driving around the floor of a lake.

Video on Youtube.
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