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Phew. After a mammoth sorting session from around 450 photos, I have whittled them down ~200 photos in 16 sets.

So I bring you:
Art's photos of Glastonbury Festival, 2008

I won't bore you with a long writeup, but I had a fab time - just sorry that [ profile] j4 couldn't stay, but there will be other many other years to come! It's hard to pick a 'best moment', but a highlight for me was seeing Joan Baez as the final act of my festival.
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I'm too tired to write much or do any captions for now, but have a couple of links to my Glasto photos. Movies to follow, maybe.

First set of photos
Second set of photos

In order, they include:

Arrival, Jazz world flags, Trash City, an act in the Sensation Seekers' Stage, the green police, mud, more mud, Super Furry Animals, real police, Amy Winehouse, Björk, even more mud, an act on the BBC Introducing stage in the new Park area, Piney Gir, Emily Eavis, Cherry Ghost, a band I can't name on the Introducing stage, Ed Harcourt, Marcus Brigstock, Mitch Benn, Guillemots, John Fogerty, Aqualung, unknown Jazz musician, Keith James sings Nick Drake songs, Badger National, Shirley Bassey, nuns, mud, wellies, kazoo band, Moya Brennan, the Who, and the Bootleg Beatles.

I had a fab time, despite the mud. Highlights were probably John Fogerty, Shirley Bassey and the Who. Seeing the Bootleg Beatles was a happy accident, as I happened to walk past the Acoustic stage on my way back from the Who to my van.

Had a technical close-call - my anorak pocket accumulated a little water, which put half the buttons on my mobile out of action for a bit (recovered the next day; Nokia++), and condensation on the 18-70mm lens. But I think I got away with it. :-)

Got home today, and had a nice hot bath. I had fun, and miss it already, but it's good to be back. :-)


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