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I have been busy uploading lots of photos.
Cut for some (small) photos )

Clicking through to any of these pictures will let you browse around in the appropriate set...
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I feel a bit like Boingboing, but this is a pretty neat awesome steampunk good set of photos. A sort of cross between pinup and roadkill. Any volunteers for a more British Leyland remake? ;-)

[flickr link]
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Many thanks to [ profile] sesquipedality, who suggested a tour of the Bodleian. I've been in Oxford for *mumblenearlyten* years now, and I had no idea you could tour some of the areas we saw today.

I took some pictures (flickr link).

Fascinating from start to finish. Particular highlights for me included the mechanism for transporting books along the tunnels (which they're probably going to rip out, boo!) and a shelf of children's books our guide pulled out from among the racks. It was beautifully colourful, like a little rack of jewels among the 2 million or so books in that area. Sadly, I was unable to take a picture of the latter.


Sep. 30th, 2007 09:12 pm
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For those whom I haven't already bored with this, I now have a Catcam. And have attached same to Mumu for the occasional outing.

Here are the results.
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Yesterday, I went to the Auto Italia event at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon with my dad.

This included an outing onto the test track used by Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover. While the whole track is around 30 miles (!), we were on a section that was quite a bit shorter, for three laps. Quite a different experience from going on the Hockenheimring. While the Hockenheimring has lots of exciting twists and loops, the Gaydon track has long sweeping banked corners - which are still fun to take at speed, but sadly don't look as exciting in the video. We were started out at an average pace by the pace car, and as we were so well behaved, speeds crept up over 110mph (again, hard to tell from the video ;-) ).

Then, after the track outing, we wandered round the assembled Italian cars, and the Heritage museum.

Photo highlights:
Links below cut )

The whole set resides here, and there is also the video of my track run [93MB MPEG-1, so probably only for the masochistic or very bored].
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On Sunday, [ profile] saffie1981 and I went to the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon, as per my last post. I'd never been to a car factory before, and it was a fascinating experience. The lines were stopped, but all the cars were in place, part-built. The tour route had been organised so you followed the production lines, and could see things being assembled in order. Then, in a neat convergence, the fully-assembled powertrain line merges with the body line, with either convertible or coupe bodies being dropped onto the powertrains as they came in. The trays of many many different nuts, bolts, bits and bobs were bewildering.
Then, in a degree of precision I'd not expected from a hand-built car, there was a room where the bodies get measured in hundreds of different places to make sure they were correct.
Finally, as shown in the picture in my previous post, I got to sit in the driving seat of an Aston for the first time. The cockpit was more... 'snug'... than I had been expecting - I had thought it would be expansive and intimidatingly large, when in fact it felt very much like I would want it to. The seats, of course, leather and very very comfortable. Sadly no key in the ignition. ;-)

Now I just need to wangle a way to drive one...

I took some photos. Because I'm currently vacillating between linking to them on my website and Flickr, you can have both:

Photos on Photonhunter
Photos on Flickr
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This weekend, I went to my Granny's 100th birthday party in Norfolk. Marquee, loads of family & friends, food, drink, and sunshine. Perfect.

I'm sure not all of my readers will want to look at the photos of the event, so you can look at some new shiny MG pictures instead ;-). In particular, the very lovely speaker cabinet custom-trimmed to match the existing carpet by [ profile] saffie1981's dad.
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A very pleasant Enfield ride this evening. Low sun turning stubble fields golden, hot air balloons hanging low in the sky. And two deer, testing the Enfield's ability to go from ~40MPH to 0MPH in a very short space of time. I think I must have ended up a small number of metres from them, headlight illuminating their speckled coats. Sadly my bikecam is currently refusing to record anything longer than two minutes - that would have made a great Youtube moment.

Instead, you can have some photos, including the windmill at Brill.

Rides like this one are what I enjoy most about motorcycling.

I'm off to Norfolk tomorrow morning - it's my granny's 100th birthday, she's having a marquee and food. Here's hoping the weather's going to be good, though it looks promising.
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I'm too tired to write much or do any captions for now, but have a couple of links to my Glasto photos. Movies to follow, maybe.

First set of photos
Second set of photos

In order, they include:

Arrival, Jazz world flags, Trash City, an act in the Sensation Seekers' Stage, the green police, mud, more mud, Super Furry Animals, real police, Amy Winehouse, Björk, even more mud, an act on the BBC Introducing stage in the new Park area, Piney Gir, Emily Eavis, Cherry Ghost, a band I can't name on the Introducing stage, Ed Harcourt, Marcus Brigstock, Mitch Benn, Guillemots, John Fogerty, Aqualung, unknown Jazz musician, Keith James sings Nick Drake songs, Badger National, Shirley Bassey, nuns, mud, wellies, kazoo band, Moya Brennan, the Who, and the Bootleg Beatles.

I had a fab time, despite the mud. Highlights were probably John Fogerty, Shirley Bassey and the Who. Seeing the Bootleg Beatles was a happy accident, as I happened to walk past the Acoustic stage on my way back from the Who to my van.

Had a technical close-call - my anorak pocket accumulated a little water, which put half the buttons on my mobile out of action for a bit (recovered the next day; Nokia++), and condensation on the 18-70mm lens. But I think I got away with it. :-)

Got home today, and had a nice hot bath. I had fun, and miss it already, but it's good to be back. :-)
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Went out for a pootle on the Enfield today - which is still as fun as ever, though I am longing for the day that running-in is over and I can ride it properly rather than gingerly. I'm at 450km, though, so only 50km until my halfway-through-running-in service.

I went out to have a quick look at the airshow that's on in Abingdon this weekend. While I'm not much of a plane aficionado (though I reckon I recognise an F-14 and AWACS in there ;-)), it was impressive nonetheless.

I took some photos. Particularly pleased with the explosion, though it was more luck than skill ;-)
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This weekend, I made a lightning dash to Glasgow for the wedding of Dom & Gillian. A very pretty location, lovely service, and I had a fantastic time despite the briefness of my stay. Predictably, I took some semi-official photos, which are still embargoed until the happy couple can approve them. :-)

In the meantime, have some more general shots of Glasgow, including one or two that didn't make it into my wedding photo selection.

In other news, I will be making another lightning trip next week, this time to Heidelberg. My dad broke his leg (tibia and fibula) while skiing at a conference a week ago. He has had a plate put in, which has to stay in for 18 months. The doctor has, however, advised that the risk of DVT means he should not fly back. They can't take their hire car to the UK, and ideally he needs to lie down. So I'm going to collect my parents' van from Stansted airport, probably this weekend, and will meet my parents in Heidelberg (they are currently in Austria) and bring them back to the UK after a brief 'holiday' in Heidelberg.
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Exhausting but fun day today. [ profile] saffie1981's birthday. [ profile] taimatsu and [ profile] greyeyedeve came to stay. Fabulous company as always, and it seems like they left all too soon. *poing*, though!

An interlude in the middle of the day was taking [ profile] saffie1981 off to the Cotswold Falconry Centre for her birthday treat - one of their 'flying start' courses. I'm sure she will describe it in enthusiastic detail tomorrow, but it was a lot of fun, and I even got to have a go in between photographing it.

Photos here, a few movies to follow tomorrow, probably.
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My wedding photos for [ profile] aendr and [ profile] hsenag are now public. You can catch the official set here, my extended set here, and should you wish to order prints, there's always the photobox gallery.

It was a great day, I had a lot of fun - my congratulations & best wishes to the happy couple!
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When in Ljubljana, I saw this picture (right), it amused me enough to take a picture of it. What I didn't realise, however, is that it is part of a much larger project by one individual to put space invaders in many cities - around 35 so far, it seems. [Flash-only site]
Space Invaders Flickr pool
My photo in the Flickr pool


Jan. 14th, 2007 11:27 pm
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Image under cut )
Mine's the one on the left. Amused me, anyway (I don't usually see my car often, let alone in the same colour and stationary). What, me, sad?

P.S. Yes, mine needs a wash :-(
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Because I'm bored and insomniac, have a photo of :

My desk at home


My desk at work.

With exciting annotations. Oh yes.
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Phew. Finally finished work today, though it was a fairly quiet day given the work christmas do was last night.

An assortment of christmassy photos, including my new haircut, the high ass butcher's in the Covered Market, and Moo Moo's - also in the Covered Martket but not as far as we know operated by Mumu


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