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brrm ([personal profile] brrm) wrote2009-01-25 12:29 am
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Well, I've failed to do anything interesting specially for the 25th birthday of the mac, so instead:

Some pictures of my collection.

And the very first iSteve keynote, from January 24th, 1984. No black poloneck, but otherwise the format hasn't changed a whole lot:

[Embedded Youtube video above]

I have fond memories of using MacPaint on my dad's first Mac - a Mac Plus. This one, in fact. I always drew houses, not sure why. I have less fond memories of doing the floppy shuffle, until he got an external floppy drive.

Those of you with time on your hands and an interest in such things might like to take a look at - a collection of stories about the development of the first mac, by people on the team.

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