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Are any of y'all going to Glastonbury this year? (I am).
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For those of you who don't know, [ profile] ms_saffie is a) giving up smoking and b) going to run in the Race for Life on 6th June.

Here's a link to the sponsorship page and further info.
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[Embedded Youtube Flash - also here]

(Kids' toy electric cars modified to take a petrol engine)
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I'm now the proud possessor of another folding/ed bike.

On my way home from work this evening, I pulled out of the bus lane into the centre of the car lane to pass a stopped bus. As I came level with the front of the bus, a cyclist pulled out perpendicular to the traffic, from my left - i.e. behind the front of the bus. I collided with some force, which bent my forks back at the 90 degree angle you can see in the picture. Fortunately, I appear relatively undamaged, though I will be keeping an eye on sore bits tomorrow. I did land rather hard on my right knee. I don't think I even had time to brake. There may have been some rather furious effing and blinding, for which I later apologised. With a reiterated suggestion that he might like to cycle more prudently in future.

Cost of repair seems to depend on whether the frame is damaged. The main tubes appear OK, but the damage to the rear derailleur guard and the fact that the rear wheel is no longer true to the direction of travel doesn't bode well.

After a dismissive response from my local bike shop, I called Walton St Cycles, who were most helpful despite the closeness to closing time, and suggested I bring it in for a look-over.

The perpetrator, who after prompting provided his first name and phone number (should have asked for more, doh) appeared unharmed, as did his bike. He claimed to be a poor student. We shall see. Fortunately, I have a witness.

More photos of my poor bike here
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"Wait, aren't there *two* starter motor noises.... HOLY CRAP!"

This is one of the scariest engine swaps I've ever seen:

Twin-VR6 VW Lupo

The noise the thing makes is something else. Then he presses the accelerator and the car... vanishes.
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*This* is how you drive in snow:

Travis Pastrana[1] in the Sno*Drift rally in Michigan. (Embedded flash video in the linked page)

[1] Travis Pastrana of tricycle backflip fame [Youtube]
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From the same people as the beer crate:

Sessel on Tour.

Bonus feature (from the files of 'could have sworn I posted this as a FWTD but appear not to have done'):

Petrol-powered wheelchair.

[All Youtube links]
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Well, I've failed to do anything interesting specially for the 25th birthday of the mac, so instead:

Some pictures of my collection.

And the very first iSteve keynote, from January 24th, 1984. No black poloneck, but otherwise the format hasn't changed a whole lot:

[Embedded Youtube video above]

I have fond memories of using MacPaint on my dad's first Mac - a Mac Plus. This one, in fact. I always drew houses, not sure why. I have less fond memories of doing the floppy shuffle, until he got an external floppy drive.

Those of you with time on your hands and an interest in such things might like to take a look at - a collection of stories about the development of the first mac, by people on the team.
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Click for bigger

25 years ago, on January 24th, 1984, we saw "why 1984 wouldn't be like '1984'". Two years later, in 1986, I started using Macs myself, and have never looked back. Pictured above is my first ever Mac, signed by Steve Wozniak (Woz), co-founder of Apple.

More to follow during the day, if I feel inspired. In the meantime, take a look at a leaked screenshot from the next version of MacOS:

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Probably the ultimate fun way to die: setting the land speed record.

Courtesy of the Oxford Classic Motor Club, I went to an interesting talk tonight by Richard Noble, the man behind Thrust SSC, the jet-powered car which still holds the land speed record, set in 1997.

They now want to go one better, with Bloodhound SSC. This new car aims to break 1000mph, which will simultaneously break the land speed record and the low-level aircraft speed record.

It will outrun the bullet from a .357 Magnum.

It has two motors: a 12ft rocket motor, and a jet engine from the Eurofighter.

Make that three motors. The fuel pump for its rocket motor is an 800BHP V12 racing car engine.

It will develop in the region of 135 thousand BHP.

Mental. I really hope they succeed, in 2011. Plus, they are making a real effort to use the project to get children and students interested in maths, science and engineering.
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Related to the sad news that Tony Hart is no longer with us, I came across this, which seems appropriate:

Source: b3ta (ta [ profile] barnacle!)

And here [youtube link] is a little blast from my past, the Hart Beat theme tune.
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Another fun way to die:

Roof skiing on a Jaguar XJS at 130mph. It seems he was practicing for speed skiing, but couldn't afford to get to a slope.
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My favourite car-related site is Jalopnik.

And posts such as this one are why I love them. Requires Flash and a familiarity with the Naked Gun films, or Police Squad.
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[Poll #1328006]

Incidentally, I was 20 in the userpic for this post. Perhaps I need a more recent one...
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Today's dose of automotive fun...

From Claude Lelouch, creator of the 'cult' video C'etait un Rendezvous [Youtube link], I give you one you probably won't have seen before:

Un homme et une femme, 20 ans déjà [Dailymotion link - also flash video]. Some of the finest car "chase" action I've seen, but none can compete with the chase in Ronin [Youtube link]. Fast forward it to 4:00 if you want to see the really heart-stopping part.
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I feel like this needs a lolcat-ish caption, but my imagination is failing me. Any ideas?

Like a cat in a bag
[Image on Flickr]


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