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I'm now the proud possessor of another folding/ed bike.

On my way home from work this evening, I pulled out of the bus lane into the centre of the car lane to pass a stopped bus. As I came level with the front of the bus, a cyclist pulled out perpendicular to the traffic, from my left - i.e. behind the front of the bus. I collided with some force, which bent my forks back at the 90 degree angle you can see in the picture. Fortunately, I appear relatively undamaged, though I will be keeping an eye on sore bits tomorrow. I did land rather hard on my right knee. I don't think I even had time to brake. There may have been some rather furious effing and blinding, for which I later apologised. With a reiterated suggestion that he might like to cycle more prudently in future.

Cost of repair seems to depend on whether the frame is damaged. The main tubes appear OK, but the damage to the rear derailleur guard and the fact that the rear wheel is no longer true to the direction of travel doesn't bode well.

After a dismissive response from my local bike shop, I called Walton St Cycles, who were most helpful despite the closeness to closing time, and suggested I bring it in for a look-over.

The perpetrator, who after prompting provided his first name and phone number (should have asked for more, doh) appeared unharmed, as did his bike. He claimed to be a poor student. We shall see. Fortunately, I have a witness.

More photos of my poor bike here

Bike Update

Mar. 9th, 2007 10:32 am
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(nearest userpic I have to a bicycle ;-))

Further to my bike being stolen and confirmed recovered last night, I went to the police station this morning to pick up my bike.

It seems a Community Support Officer saw a 14 year old boy riding it on Bath St, near St Clements last night, and thought the bike and rider didn't match. So he pulled him over, and called the police station to see if it matched the description of any stolen bikes. It's a bloody good job I reported my bike as soon as I did, with accurate details, as they decided it was a match and hauled him in. He claimed, of course, that a friend lent it to him.

They took some details, asked me not to change or dispose of the bike in case it was needed as evidence in court, though said it was likely the incident would be dealt with under 'restorative justice'. Either way, they will be contacting me when it's sorted. I'd be more peeved about not being allowed to change the bike if I didn't have my Brompton as a backup, I think. Plus, I'm mightily impressed with the quick and efficient job the police did in matching the suspicious bike to mine, and informing me the same night - though luck played a large part too ;-).

The bike is in a fairly sorry state. My handlebar mirror, Airzound and squeezy-bulb horns are all missing, and they snapped off the front light and damaged the back light beyond repair, as well as cracking the back mudguard in half. Why break the lights off? They're decent Lumotec lights, over 45 quid's worth new - surely worth something to someone, but not in a broken-off state.

Ah well, at least the bike is in one piece, though I had to borrow an allen key from Walton St Cycles to adjust my seat height back from 14-year-old height. I also bought myself 30 quid's worth of D-lock, although as the chap in WSC confirmed, it's unlikely they picked the lock - I probably didn't click it properly home when I locked it.
The bike, pictured locked to the rack it was stolen from, some months ago.
Photos of the bike's current state

Er, wow

Mar. 8th, 2007 09:33 pm
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Just got off the phone to the police. It seems my bike has been found, and is currently at St Aldate's police station. Not sure where/how it was found yet - will see if I can find out tomorrow.
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... have stolen my bike from the bike rack outside the OII (that's my bike pictured). Curiously, I found my lock unlocked, next to the bike (the mechanism is the same as this one, although the 'cable' is made of interlocked sections of steel tube rather than cable. It's not really possible that I left it open (as I'd need to remove my keys and not notice it was open), unless it was incompletely latched.

Duly reported to the Police, so I'll now be Bromptonning to work until I can arrange insurance/a suitable replacement. Not sure if I'll be able to get the insurance to cough up for the random extras like dynohub, lighting, etc.

I'd just fettled the brakes to perfection yesterday, too. Grump.


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