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... because she owns one too!

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Today, [ profile] ms_saffie and I went to MGFest 2008 at the Heritage Motor Centre Gaydon. My MGB was one of only 8 non-MGFs there. Nice to feel special. ;-)

We started out with a road run from the Dog House near Abingdon - the MG factory's local pub - and headed down to Gaydon via a scenic set of country roads.

Amusing highlights include firstly the reverse steering competition. I didn't twig until I actually tried to steer the red MGF round the course quite what "reverse steering" meant. I turned the wheel moderately left, and ploughed off course to the right. Whoops!

Once I'd got the hang of it, it was quite fun - requiring a large dollop of concentration. Don't think I did too well, though - 5 penalty points for slamming on the brakes when I realised what was wrong with the car, and a few cones touched.

The second thing I tried my hand at was the "loudest exhaust" competition. They encouraged any of the 8 MGBs to come forwards, so I felt I had to represent my 'team'. I don't think the organisers were quite expecting what happened - my exhaust not only melted the spoffle on the decibel meter, but also lightly toasted the measuring man's gloved hand, and covered the meter in soot. Whoopsy. All taken in fun and sarcastic comments, though. :-)

Slight downside to the day was as I drove my MG out of the garage. You know those car radios with removable fronts? Well, turns out my removable front was left in the path of my MG's wheel. Crunch. Can anyone recommend a good modern radio with a slightly retro look? The car already has its original radio in the original position, but I hide another modern radio under the dash on the passenger side.
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I've been a little busy with the MG this evening. Having discovered that it is eligible for white/black plates because it was built in Oct 1972 - even though it was first registered on 1st Jan 1973, the rules say "constructed before 01/01/1973." So...

(Click for bigger)

(Click for bigger)

Complete set

What do you think? An improvement? Prefer yellow?
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Every year, the MGOC organises an event at the Cotswold Wildlife park. A good excuse for a mosey around to look at the animals, a quick one-hour runout, and then home.

Last year, there were baby meerkats. This year, they had grown up a little, but were still cute:

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Well, that was quite a fun day out. Briefly, 'Drive It Day' is a series of events organised round the country on April 20th. All you have to do is drive your classic on that day. It coincided with St George's day, hence the flags on the cars.

We met up in the car park of Miele in Abingdon, and then went on a 40-odd mile run in the area, ending up at the Dog House pub in Frilford.

There, I was fortunate enough to meet Don Hayter. Among other projects, Don was the chief design engineer on an obscure sports car called the MGB. What could I say, but "Thank you for the car"? He said that he regarded his cars like plants - he'd sown the seeds, and now he gets to see what they've grown into. The Dog House was the MG team's local, and they'd bring suppliers from Smiths' Instruments etc here for lunch.

A little chat with John who was next to me at lunch who happened to be a pro photographer, and he produced the result you see here. That's my car in the background. :-)

With this, and Tom (coworker)'s gig last night, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!
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Yesterday, [ profile] saffie1981 and I used my dad's van to collect a cooker a fridge-freezer and a rug from her parents' house (they're doing some major kitchen remodelling). A frantic session of installing and tidying later. The striplight is the result of an earlier weekend's banging and screwing (!)...

Photos here. Shiny!

Also yesterday, [ profile] taimatsu and [ profile] diffrentcolours came round to flop in front of Dr. Who and eat chinese with us. Which was a thoroughly pleasant and relaxing way to end the day.

Today, I need to return the van to cambridge and start building a speaker cabinet for the MG.

In other news, shinybike may be ready a few days earlier than May 12th. Poing!
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Nanjing Automobile Group (who own MG after MG-Rover's collapse) has decided to backronymify MG. Originally, it stood for Morris Garages - a Morris dealer in Oxford which used to customize Morris cars to produce sportier versions.

Now it stands for...

Modern Gentleman.


Nanjing’s Zhang Xin has commented that the firm "wants Chinese consumers to know this brand as Modern Gentleman, to see that this brand represents grace and style."
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Two boring Youtube videos for you:

Mumu gets wet - well, actually, she got a semi-bath just before the camera starts rolling, so you just get to see her post-wetting.


My MG coming out of, and going back into, the garage - no really, it's not much more interesting than that.

And, for the Flash-impaired, here's two MPEGs of the above:


Both MPEGs still uploading, should be complete in around 15mins and 30mins respectively as of 3am (erk, bedtime!).


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